#82 - Morning

#82 – Morning by Tom Throp

This is morning! People aren’t supposed to be up -this- early!

I have a good excuse for the lateness of this blog, 29th of November was my first day back at work.

I knew it would be hard, the last week I’ve been planning ahead, trying to make the gradual transition from a 11am-2am day towards a 6am-10pm day. It wasn’t really working and I knew Sunday night that it was going to be hard work to get through Monday.

I surprised myself though, when I woke up 6:30 Monday morning I was wide awake, I got ready and left; all to plan. Considering one of my two alarms didn’t go off I was quite proud of myself. The cold weather chilled my face and woke me up completely, I was ready to take on the day with an energy I certainly didn’t expect.

Two hours of work and we get fifteen minute break, I use this as a welcome break, although I don’t need it I know the following two hours aren’t as easy. I then remembered I had forgotten my emergency paracetamols and was thankful I didn’t seem to be getting a headache.

Two more hours and lunch, a more needed break this one and getting some nice cold air on me helped me revive for the next two hours of work, the hardest of the day but I was drinking lots of water and staying healthy.

The final hour and a bit of the work day always goes quick, although I don’t think we would cope if it was any longer. What amazed me was I was still awake and, although on the verge of a migraine, I didn’t have a headache.


All I had to face now was two bus journeys home (I’m really not a fan of the local bus service).

You see, half way home I have to change buses and on that last leg of the final journey of the day I hit “the wall”. It’s that thing athletes talk about breaking through. There was no breaking through for me, my body had given up on me and I just wanted to get in the warm and sleep my head better. I got back and took some drugs, put some music on quietly and tried to sleep. I was in such a bad state, hovering between conscious and passed out, that I wasn’t sure where I was, I didn’t feel like eating and didn’t want to face any sort of light. I was cold and uncomfortable.

8 hours of work, I almost made it, I was close to doing what I didn’t think I would and then, ten minute from home I ran out of fuel. Nevertheless that was day one out the way, at least I would sleep well before day two, wouldn’t be long before I get into the pattern of work, get used to it again and the day fly by. Nope, it all gets easier from here.

Not that it was the eight hours of monotonous work I had to walk around all day doing, nor was it the lack of sleep from the night before or, in fact, was it cold weather and the slight cold I have at the moment. No.

It was clearly because I had to catch the bus.