Daily Photo 040

Never seen 'Wizard' used as an adverb before

I wanted to get out of the house today. The last few I’ve been stuck inside and it’s driving me slightly mad. At least at work I was earning money, inching closer to the light at the end of the tunnel, coming closer to moving out.

But since I finished work a week and a half ago all that progress seems to have gone to waste, I find myself wasting whole days not doing anything. That was fine a year or two ago, I had a future, I knew a month or so later I’d be progressing through my education. But not anymore, if I’m not careful my progress into real life will stop and I’ll never move out. And that’s the last thing I want at the moment. I knew I had to do something, go somewhere or I’ll be focused on the fact I seem to be going nowhere at the moment.

As a wise philosopher once said, “Just keep swimming.”

I wanted to go out but had no reason to, I thought of all three things I could think of doing outside and none of them appealed to me. So I did what any young, bored, adventurous guy would do. I watched a film.

Then I went on Facebook.

And I saw an advert. And I double checked it. A new TV series was out on DVD today and I wanted to buy it. I would go to town! I would purchase the boxset and over the next few days, to take my mind of how dangerously incapable to moving my life forward I am, I’ll watch them.

So I went up to the bus stop. “Return to town, please?”

“We don’t do returns.”

“Single, then, please?”


£3.50! That’s seven pound to get to town and back! That’s over an hour’s wages. That’s over a quarter the price of the DVD. That’s a joke.

But I could write several days worth of blog posts explaining why I dislike the Isle of Wight’s bus service, but I won’t. I’ll stick to today’s reasons.

  1. The price.
  2. The bus smelt the same as always, which reminded me of going to work.
  3. There were a number of crazy old people aboard.
  4. The roof of the double deckers must only be six foot high. I’m six foot two and always forget these facts.
  5. There are three types of peoples who use the service; The old, who don’t have to pay. Youths, who get it cheap. And the crazies.

I could go on, but I must stick to today’s tale. Anyway, these reasons are the main ones I decided not to bus back, save me £3.50, get some exercise and a silent protest against how much I dislike local buses. And to avoid the crazy old people who outnumbered me six-to-one on the way in.

So I bought my DVD and started heading back.

Now, I’ve done this walk before, it’s about three and a half miles and takes around an hour, it’s mostly flat and straight, not difficult but boring. Which is why I always have music to listen to on the way back. Not today.

But I had a plan. I would phone my girlfriend, we can chat for ages on the phone, I’ll almost be back by the time we finish chatting. Perfect.

So I phone her and we chat for a bit.

Then she tells me, “Sorry, dear, I’ve got to go out…”

“Wait… You’re going to leave me to walk back by myself with nothing to listen to and no one to talk to, in the rain and wind and cold?” I argue.

“Is it raining?” She asks.

“…No…” I admit.

“You’re such a drama queen.”

“Me!? A drama-queen?! Well I NEVER!” I pause for dramatic effect.

But she’s right, of course, it’s not like I can’t make it by myself. I’ll get some much needed exercise and might even see a daily photo opportunity (I did! See above, trying to force words into uses they’re not meant for).

And after walking back down the cycle track and seeing cows and squirrels, but absolutely no other people, an hour older but probably slightly fitter and definitely more worn out.

I wanted to do something productive today and I did, I got outside, I did some exercise. My life felt like it was heading in the right direction again, or at least is a day closer to moving forward.

Of course, I could have got the same effect by sending off a couple job applications.