Steps by Tom Throp

If you ask me, they don’t look terribly safe!

I really didn’t expect to find myself void of blog writing inspiration in my first full blog of the year. But I am.

You see, all week I’ve been at work which, in itself, isn’t very interesting. The most interesting anecdote of the week would have to be on the bus on the way in yesterday, the man who was snoring rather loudly yet still appeared to be awake. Yet that’s not exactly full blog material, I’d say it only rates at about 3/10 on the interesting anecdote scale.

So I can’t write about work, I can’t review any of the games I’ve been playing or films I’ve been watching (because they’re reserved for Wednesday blog posts).

Then I thought, like everyone else has done, do a review of 2010 in games and films. And I started putting together a list of games and films released in 2010 but I soon realised I had played or seen comparatively few of them.

Then I get thinking I need a photo to go with the blog post but, after looking through my phone, I realise I haven’t taken that many and of the few I have, they’re not really entire blog filling material. I mean, “I went for a walk and saw some steps” can’t be a highlight of the week, surely?

Then there’s the podcasts I’ve been listening to at work, including Unbelievable? brings up some very interesting theological theories and discussions between Christians and non-Christians. The side I find myself agreeing with is rather surprising, but a post and discussion about something like the topics they mention deserves planning and time, I’m certainly not going to write something deep and thoughtful for the first week of the year.

Then I am informed my sister is returning to uni this Saturday, I could go! That would surely provide something interesting, maybe I could write on the way up? As long as I post by midnight my 100% record of blogs being on time would remain unbroken. And that was my plan, until Saturday morning. I woke up fairly late (compared to my usual six AM alarm) and could barely move through tiredness. I decide to stay home, so now I sit, Saturday afternoon pushing past the tumbleweed bouncing around my imagination looking, desperately, for an interesting story from the previous seven days to tell you about.

But I have nothing, my shouts for a suppressed memory I’ve somehow forgotten, of that bomb I defused at the last second or that explosion and bullets I dodged with just moments to spare, is followed by silence. My own frustration at how boring I’ve been this week and how much I feel I’ve let you, my loyal reader, down is the only thing I can think to tell you about.

Then it clicks, I know what I must do, what I am to say.

Yesterday, on the bus to work, there was a man snoring. Yet he was clearly awake. He had earphones in so couldn’t hear himself and was clearly snoring, he was the only person on the bus making any sound. You don’t see awake people snoring very often, it was rather surreal.

Oh, and I went for a walk and saw some steps! Look at them, don’t see steps like that everyday! Wow!

Phew, all-in-all, I think today’s blog was a resounding success.

I’m afraid I can’t promise one this good next week.